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Welcome to the Albero Celeste Art Gallery of San Gimignano, Italy

The gallery is run by an Englishman, Steven Music, who has lived in San Gimignano since 1995, and in Italy for many years.

L'Albero Celeste opened in 2001 with the intent of showing good quality figurative work by artists living in the area between Florence and Siena.

Among artists which have exhibited in L'Albero Celeste: Paul Beel, Valerio Berruti, Marina Calamai, Matthew Collins, Constantin, Francesca Forcella, Giovanni Giannini, Rebecca Harp, Violaine Hulné, Paolo Maggis, Jules Maidoff, Natalie Music, Sigrid Nienstedt, Rita Pedullà, Scott Pohlschmidt, Luciano Ripasarti, Giacomo Tinacci, Ann Witheridge.

In the belief that painting was not dead, and that it's future lay in galleries promoting a strong regional flavour enabling them to present the best work available on the market.
Contemporary works

Works exhibited range from landscapes painted in a naturalistic or impressionist style with a decidedly modern bent, to pure figuration, or top quality portraiture.
Sculptors' works in bronze and stone (marble, alabaster and travertine) are also exhibited.

Please do not hesitate to request a stock and price list for contemporary works held by the gallery.

Enjoy your viewing!

Steven Music


Photo Gallery

View of San Gimignano - Tuscany - ITALY

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