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:: Luciano Ripasarti

Luciano Ripasarti was born at Larciano (Pistoia) in Tuscany in 1940.

He studied painting under Latino Barilli at the Toschi Institute of Art in Parma.

As a young man he moved to Milano where he studied with Pietro Borgonovo, an artist known for being a member of the Lombard "Scapigliatura" School; and subsequently with the artist Adriano Gajoni. He also attended the Scuola del Castello in Milano.

In 1957 and 1958 Ripasarti lived in Rome mixing with the many artists which gravitated around Via Margutta and Via del Babuino.

Ripasarti then decided to try his luck in Paris where he worked for two years in 1959 and 1960, developing an expressionist style of painting.

There followed a brief period in which his work verged on being abstract, but he was soon persuaded to move back into a figurative style which better suited his vision.

For nearly 30 years Luciano Ripasarti has been developing his very intimate interpretation of nature; Almost exclusively dedicating himself to landscape painting, avoiding, expect in very few instances, any reference to man.

Thus portraying landscape as almost divine state in which man should have no role.

Luciano Ripasarti lives in Parma.

Exhibitions 2005
Date Artists Type Title
July 07
Luciano Ripasarti Personal "PAESAGGI RECENTI"
Aug. 05
Luciano Ripasarti Personal "VISTE IN SILENZIO"

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