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:: Violaine Hulné

Painter born in France in 1955. Violaine Studied at the ENSAD (Higher National School of Decorative Arts) in Paris. She now lives in Paris and Tuscany, Italy.

Violaine's main interests in painting are the study of Space and Light in her landscapes and interiors. She uses various techniques including watercolour and oils, as well as etching, and illustration for children's
books for editors such as Larousse, Nathan, Fleurus and Hachette in France, and De-Agostini, Fabbri, and Mondadori in Italy.

Texts on Violaine Hulne include those by Lucia Antonelli, Giorgio
Mancini, Aldo Pajarin and Luciana Schiroli.

Exhibitions 2008
Date Artists Type Title
14 June 25 July Violaine Hulné
Group Landscapes
Exhibitions 2005
Date Artists Type Title
Violaine Hulné
Group "Ocra e Celeste"
Exhibitions 2004
Date Artists Type Title
Violaine Hulné
A journey alongside Violaine Hulné and Natalie Music'paintings, and a collection of postcards
Exhibitions 2003
Date Artists Type Title
18 Sept. Violaine Hulné Personal "Coste e Curve"

2003 L'Albero Celeste, San Gimignano,
'Tuscan Landscapes', personal exhibition.
2001 Maison De L'Infante, Saint-Jean-de-Luz,
'Tuscan Landscapes', personal exhibition.
1999 Artistic collaborator for the opera 'Carmen'
in San Gimignano's Summer Festival
1998 Cloister of Cathedral of San Gimignano,
'Chemins', personal exhibition.
1997 Gallery Art Addiction, Stockholm, Second Salon
of French Contemporary Art.
1996 Gallery Art Addiction, Stockholm, Third Female
Artist's International.
1995 Gallery Marie-Therese Cochin, Paris, 'Espace et
Lumiere', personal exhibition.
1994 Gallery Elysees Rond-Point, Paris, 'Dix Femmes
Exposent', personal exhibition of watercolours.
1993 Gallery Mont-Saint-Michel, France, group exhibition.
1993 Grand Palais, Paris, 'Contemporaines', group exhibition.
1993 San Gimignano Municipality, Italy, personal exhibition
for the International Celebration of Women.
1992 Gallery Marie-Therese Cochin, Paris, 'Jardins',
personal exhibition.
1991 Gallery Galax, Gothenburg, 'Four Artists in Tuscany',
group exhibition.
1990 Gallery Giorgio Mancini, San Gimignano, 'Riflessi di Luce',
personal exhibition.
1989 Gallery Du Prevot, Paris, 'Paysages', group exhibition.
1985 Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris,
in the CCI (Industrial Creation Library Centre), personal exhibition of watercolours.

For more detailed information about Violaine Hulné' work please do not hesitate to contact the Albero Celeste Art Gallery.

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